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Ruelle WRA {Reyna}

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Username: Wolfgirl87


Ranking: Alpha

Gender: Female


Sexuality: Straight


Pack: White Rose

Scent: Dew and Roses


Eyes For:


Devoted to:



Her frame is rather slender for a White Rose wolf, but matches her mothers. Ruelle resembles her mother the most, the same sleek fur  and slim frame. Her pelt color is closer to her fathers however, tawny being her main pelt color with a lighter tan for her markings. 



Mother: Starla


Father: Lycon


Sisters: Eve, Reyna


Brother: Faolan




Ruelle is the oldest of four, and the 'best' pup. At a young age a mold was formed for her, Alphess, oldest, best, huntress, fighter, winner. Her traits soon died away as a intensive training regime was set in place once she was five weeks old. This left a blank slate, perfect for her eager parents. Brave, courageous, loyal, strong, level headed, calm, kind, dignified. This would be their daughter, never to see a pup's life. Ruelle never minded, after all she was going to be a alphess even if she did, who cared to notice...?


Even if it was never clear, these traits she once owned would never truely stay. Sure she could be all of these things, yet her older traits would shine through the stereotypical alphess, right? Against all beliefs new traits grew within all of the pups, each jealous of the others life. Each filled with a bit of malice. Her parents never noticed, the high and mighty alphas pleased with their offspring.


Failure wasn't allowed by anyone for her, if she failed she would try again even if it took from sunrise to moonrise. Failure wasn't what the alpha's oldest should show, so she never did. At least not to the public. A drawing, a sketch, a dream, a hope, a alphess was what a pup became in by the next full moon. The rest of her training just built her strength and greatest flaws higher.


Reyna was the only contact that she had that was her own age. Eve and Faolan hated her for the mold she filled so easily and willingly. Reyna didn't like Ruelle at a young age, but humbled over time accepting fate. Reyna was a omega more or less, the funny reliable best friend a wolf wished for, the nightmare for her parents. Her teasing nature hid her own insecurities.


The alphas pleasure shone through the most on the night that Ruelle was crowned Beta, skipping, lead and delta. Their pleasure didn't last long. One night killed her image. One night brought down the painting her parents formed. One night destroyed her life.



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