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Sons of Saffron

Sons of Saffron are a male group within the tribes. All are seperate Sons of Saffron groups, but they remain with the tribe. A male may choose to become a Son of Saffron, if you are accept it considered an honor.

Your male character may also have a regular rank aswell as a Sons of Saffron rank.

Ranks within the Sons of Saffron

Ring leader:



Lead Lion:

Lead  Cobra:

Explainations of the ranks

The Lions

The lions are generaly the front line soldiers. They are the ones with the most brute strength and the ones the tribes would most likely use in battles and wars as the middle men. They're most likely to be the men in a battle to hit with power before the others are sent in.

                        The Cobra's

Cobra's tend to be our assassins. They usually wait and avoid any confrontation, but when people are provoking themselfs or thier tribes they tend to go on offence and attack. If in a war they are most likely to hide within the trees and wait for someone to approach, waiting to find the right momment to attack.