Dream Catcher                      Bleeding Gold                            Raoul                                White Rose

  Quatrieme Guadalupe 

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White Rose Tribe

White Rose wolves are more likely to be layed back and not at all agressive. This tribe tends to be more conected with nature, although occassionaly some wolves have a different element. They're are usually no difference between the tribe's pelts and, or, eye color. The wolves within this pack come in various shapes and sizes, but most are muscular, although not stocky.


Bleeding Gold Tribe

If your a wolf in this tribe, your most likely to be fiesty and always ready for a fight. Wolves within Bleeding Gold's ranks are most likely to be connected with fire. The ony real difference within this tribe's pelts are they are likely to be colored with lighter colors like red, yellow, orange, and gold; This differs with your heritage.


Raoul's Tribe

Very little has been exsposed about this tribe since the last war in our history. What has been known about this tribe was pasted down through our elder wolve, but we aren't quite sure it's true; most seem to be far fetched.